I don’t know where, but I remember I had a seen a shot of the airtran a long time ago leading into a city. And I thought it was either taken in SFO or in Chicago. I ruled of Chicago from the list after I went there and personally saw no such location which would give me that angle or the view. I had almost forgotten about that pic until I was heading back to Seattle after a nice trip to SFO with my parents.


So, the story unfolds, it was  late about 9ish, and my flight was scheduled for departure at 11. I landed at car rental returns to hand over the car that had gained 700 miles in last 3 days thanks to my part time chauffeur job at the time.  Yes, showing parents around in a month, and covering a total of roughly 4300 miles just by driving, I can vouch for that. I was in the 3rd compartment with my parents and the airtran had just started, when suddenly it stuck me that I can try for a shot here. Too bad, my tripod was in my bag. Nevertheless, I decided to quickly run to  the front of the airtran, in the first compartment. So I told my parents to stay back and meet me at the next stop. My mom is not a big fan of me doing a lot of random stuff, so I had to “Convince” her of the idea.


So I ran at the next stop and got to the first compartment just in time before the door closed. To my luck, there wasn’t anyone in the compartment. I sat right in front of the train, knowing I don’t have a tripod, and have only 1 station to go for my destination. I decided to shoot in single shot mood and not in continuous hot as that would help me focus better in a moving train, which was wobbling more than I thought. I decided to hold back till the train reached a certain point where the tracks turn left and you see another highway road in a distance. I fixed my focus to the track as I knew it had less contrast and wouldn’t deviate as much. I took about 5 shots and that was it. I got out, met my parents and checked the shots.


2 of the shots were out of focus, of the 3 remaining, this is the best one I got. Lesson learned, when traveling by airtran, keep tripod handy. On a positive side, I have a new image to think about, every time I think about airtran and come back and read this blog post when I forget it. 🙂